Hello world!


I promised myself I would start a blog this year and I am finally doing it!  If you are reading it I hope to share fun art ideas and inspiration that will make you smile and laugh 🙂  I am an art teacher, wife, mother of three and love the natural inspiration I get from the beach community we live in.  I promise to put up some photos and lessons that you can do with your children, students and friends.

September is always so beautiful so hopefully I will get some sunsets up on my blog.

Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Renee, Congrats! This blog is totally charming! When did you stop consulting and start teaching art? Wishing you the best with this endeavor.

    • Hey Lori
      I started my own art school in foster city and then when we moved I decided to teach to get my art fill. Now I am teaching K-8 and documenting my last year 🙂 Love it but as you know you don’t do it for the pay. Need to send 3 teenagers to college so hoping to do some more consulting…wish me luck!

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