Ah the joys of summer for a teacher…7th grade art lesson on abstract painting on wood with acrylic

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imageWell sorry I am just getting to this but school and the kids took up a lot of time this year 🙂  I will promise to add at least one art lesson a week this year.  It might be my last year teaching so I want to make sure I share as much as I can with all you art teachers out there.  Just got done with my first ever art show and first friday in downtown Santa Cruz.  Very fun!  Thanks to all my family and friends that helped make it happen.  Jenna (L’Atelier Salon) owner is awesome.  Here are a few things I showed as well as directions for the the 7th grade lesson I teach for painting with acrylic on wood.

Let me know how it goes and happy summer!

Abstract Acrylic Ocean Sunset on Wood-7th grade art lesson

Skill Learned:

Using highlights and lowlights to show definition and depth.

Paining on wood surface.

Using fingers, sponges and other tools to take away brush marks.



Wood any size suitable for canvas type painting.  Be sure to sand top surface and remove splinters and make area smooth for painting.

Acrylic paints in primary colors plus white.

Small acrylic brushes and sponge brushes.

Water cups, paper towels and sponges for smoothing or removing paint.

Gloss sealer or matte finish when acrylic is dry to seal paint.

First start by discussing the different colors of sunset in our area.  Show pictures or photos if you can.  Then have students talk about their favorite sunset colors and pick two colors to begin their paintings.   Once they pick their colors have them start with one and paint the lower or upper surface almost in entirely.  Then have them add a darker color for lowlights with their finger.  Show them how to arch their fingers so you do not get prints on wood J  then have them mix white to their main color and do the same blending into main color in sparse areas to show highlights.  Then use same method to do the other half.

The great thing about this is that they can constantly change the color if they don’t like the highlight or lowlight.  Adding more or less.  Then once the acrylic has dried have them add a gloss finish to seal the color all over.  And you are done.

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