First Grade Giraffes

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First grade oil pastel and watercolor giraffes

Drawing and sketching animals.

Materials Used:

  • Pencils and erasers to do sketching
  • Oil pastels
  • Blue watercolor and white tempera paint
  • Black oversize construction paper 22 x 24 cut to make a frame around watercolor paper
  • Water color paper 18 x 24 cut in half long ways and trimmed so it fits inside black construction paper *see sample

First start by talking about giraffes and discuss colors and spots. Also a fun fact is that their horns on top of their head are called “ossicones.” So have some fun with that! Then take them step-by-step through drawing the giraffe. Start with the head close to the top but leave enough room for horns. Have them draw a “U” or a large rectangle. Then work on the neck showing them how to draw a slanted line from the middle of the head down one side and then the other.

Next work on the ears on side of head and then the horns on top with a ball on them. Last, let them draw the eyes, nose and mouth. Then take out brown and do the spots on the neck. Then take out black outline and cover every pencil mark with the black pastel. Last step with oil pastels is coloring the giraffe with yellow. Don’t worry; if black smears you can erase most of that. Then have them paint the entire background with blue water color. Set aside to dry and work on the black background. Using sponges cut into small one-inch shapes or let them do it if you have time. Dip the sponge into white paint and put a sponge pattern around the entire outline of paper. Have students sign their giraffe piece and then glue it down to the black paper. If it is really wet let it dry until the next day.

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