Favorite Summer Green Drink

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Since summer is coming to an end soon I decided the next four weeks would be posts about my favorite summer things.  This week is my favorite lunch drink which my brother so famously calls “the lawnmower.”  It is super easy and really good for you.  Below are the ingredients and directions.  I usually make these for lunch when I am crunched for time to eat.  Happy Summer!

Favorite Green Smoothie

blender greensmoothie greensmoothie



  • Handful or cup of frozen mango (I use trader joes)
  • handful of organic Kale (also in a bag from trader joes)
  • coconut water (you fill to cover frozen mango)


Put all the above in your blender.  I do not have one of those fancy ones.  I prefer my waring megapro commercial one with two speeds.  It runs at least 3-4 times a day in my house and lasts forever.  Then mix until contents are smooth and no chunks are left.  Put in your cup with a straw (I use a plastic reusable one) and enjoy!

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