Summer Strawberry and Nectarine Margarita

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Another favorite thing I like to do in the summer is make up all kinds of new drinks πŸ™‚ This is the one I keep going back to and making. Kudos to our friend Ramone from Mexico who taught us the original recipe minus the fruit and pelligrino. Enjoy!

2 fresh limes
3 fresh strawberries
One half of a fresh white or regular nectarine
2 shots of patron silver tequila
1 shot of orange liquor ( I use the patron version)
Lemon Pelligrino or 7up to top off

Start by squeezing limes into medium size glass. I use a hand squeezer bought at most super markets. Oxo brand woks well. Then chop strawberries and squeeze into drink with juicer. Chop half nectarine and squeeze into cup then put fruit pieces into cup with lime juice. Next add tequila and orange liquor. Then add ice and top with Pelligrino or some kind of bubbly soda. If you want them blended stick it all in a blender and mix. Yummy πŸ™‚

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