5th grade Modigliani Elongated Self-Portrait

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Modigliani oil pastel self portrait

Adapted this from Deep Space Sparkle-So much fun with the students 🙂

Skills Learned:  Sketching and drawing an elongated portrait.

Materials Needed:

  • 12 x 18 black construction paper
  • oil pastel set of 16 colors
  • pencils and erasers
  • rulers

1. I started with black paper that was 12″ x 18″. Give the students a ruler and pencil to draw a line down the middle both ways, and then two more horizontally to make 8 equal sections. The students can start by drawing an oval that centers on the middle line and fills the top half of the paper.  Necklines are drawn down to the next line and then shoulders to the bottom edge.
2. Hair may be added in the style of the student, or the person they are drawing.
3. Modigliani drew his faces in stretched proportions as the eyes usually sit in the middle of the face. The students are to draw their eyes near the top of the head, and the mouth near the bottom of middle section. Continue with a nose and eyebrows.
4. Once the portrait is drawn, give the students oil pastels. They need to trace the pencil lines with a black pastel, and then color everywhere else, taking care to color around the black lines. Note: I recommend doing this project after you have done one that involves normal facial proportions.  Then have them select an opposing color for the background that does not wash their face or shirt out.  You are done J

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