First Grade “Festive Bouquet” of flowers project

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This is a fun fall project I based after Beverley Jeans “Festive Bouquet” piece.  The students love drawing their own flowers and the gold watercolor is an awesome fall color 🙂

first grade festive bouquetSkills Learned:  Drawing flowers, working with warm color palette and layout of artwork.

Materials Needed:

  • Gold water color
  • Oil pastels (pink, red, orange and purple) black for middle of flowers
  • Black tempera
  • Large brushes
  • Round tissue paper circles for flowers (pink, red, orange and purple)
  • Glue
  • Small brushes for stems
  • 18 x 24 paper taped

Have the students start by mapping out where the flowers are going and what colors they are doing the in.  I believe I always tell them around 8-10 flowers that are medium in size no tiny weeny ones 🙂  Then draw with oil pastels the flower tops.  I always have them just remove the color oil pastels they are working with so they are not tempted to use or pick up black because it gets all over their paper.  Then have them take the black oil pastel to do the center of the flowers the stems and around the edge of the paper.  Next have the students use gold water-color to go over the entire background.  Then have students glue on a few 2-3 tissue flowers.  They can glue them on top of a flower they did with oil pastel or in a new area that has space.    The final step is to use black tempera with small brushes to paint on stems over the black oil pastel.  Sign and you are finished.


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