Holiday Wrapping Ideas

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holiday wrapping IMG_5205One of my favorite parts of Christmas is wrapping presents 🙂  I know you must think I have some kind of warped mind but I really believe that the wrapping is almost as important as the present itself!  So I try to come up with different ideas each holiday.  Last year it was silver sand dollars this year its shells and sea stars.  I also have some tin hearts and crosses and maybe I can show you some of those next week.  I also got a cool stamp off one of my favorite sites  There are many folks who make custom stamps on etsy but I bought mine from Todd at love to create stamps –  I also buy paper in bulk rolls on amazon or discount school supply in fun colors.  You can also buy the twine in a convenient container that has a top to pull it out of which is awesome (  You just need a drill to put a hole in the shell and sea stars and you are set.  Happy wrapping 🙂

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