6th Grade Cartoon Portraits

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6th grade cartoon portraits6th grade cartoon portraits IMG_5303This week I decided to switch up my regular portrait for sixth grade with a cartoon one.  Every year I do a portrait and it’s not always the students first choice 🙂  I know they need the sketching skills for high school and life so I march on and try to make it fun.  And an added bonus I told them they had to be nice to me since I was teaching them on my birthday!  I believe they came out fabulous.  I am always trying to balance giving them the tools to complete the project without doing it for them.  But I think they were very successful and these make you want to smile.

Materials Needed:

Skill Learned:

Sketching and drawing cartoon features for a portrait from shapes.

I started with the students by discussing the attributes of cartoon features and what the differences are from cartoon and real faces.  Then I showed them several color sketches on the internet from anime to old-fashioned cartoons.  My real inspiration for this project was this link on pinterest:  http://www.pinterest.com/pin/145804106660112401/.   Once we went through the shapes on the link I walk them all through one of the shapes.  I believe we did the rectangle and went through the facial features etc.  Then I let them get started with their own.  We used quite a bit of paper maybe 3 per student but they came out wonderful.  I did pull up some great links on the internet for eyes and mouth expressions.  Here are those links:  http://www.designthedream.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/cartooneyes.jpg—http://www.animeoutline.com/how-to-draw-anime-and-manga-mouth-expressions/

Now I need to get back to finishing my Christmas shopping–Happy sketching!

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