Holiday Menu Planning

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OK lets face it…those of us working and trying to get ready for Christmas need a little help.  Plus I have to say with all the other things going on in my life right now I need help with Christmas.  Next week I will take some of my middle school students to the shelter that is close by our house.  This is our sixth year of doing it and there are 13 children living there right now.  It always makes me think how lucky and blessed I am when I think about the children at the shelter.  More on that next week.

I took the time today to go through pinterest and the internet to find some good sites for your Christmas menu ideas, planning/shopping lists, baking and of course some crafts for the kids.  And one site is so cool it will give you recipes you click on and make your shopping list.  Hope this is something helpful in this time of busy rushing around.  Remember to take time to relax each day and count your blessings.  It’s not about the presents and making ourselves crazy, it’s about appreciating what we have and taking the time to notice all that surrounds us.

Oh and we did get the Christmas Tree Up

beach christmas tree









Helpful Christmas Dinner Pinterest Pins

5 printable planning sheets:,article/361/free-printables-get-organized-with-these-christmas-planner-pages


Easy dinner ideas, hostess gifts, holiday menus from Martha herself:


OK forget all the planning stuff that is weeks ahead and just go to the baking recipes:


Cool site for menus and shopping list and organizing.  This site will put together shopping list its pretty cool!

Christmas Crafts for the kids to do when they want to help 🙂  I could of course not help myself and had to put a few arts ad craft stuff in.

Music-be sure to play this while you are working…I did and it made it much more relaxing.—feliz navidad station


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