A Good Girlfriend Read


Happy New Year :). Cannot believe I actually made it through 2 books this holiday break. This is a fun read that my friend Susanna from London gave me last summer. Just reinforces the importance of friendship for women.


The second thing I wanted to share with you was this awesome inspirational site called http://www.upworthy. com. It will send you 3 video links of varying stories daily some inspirational some about issues. Just makes you think about how much we have compared to other developing countries. The fact that we can complain about healthcare when some don’t even have basic needs met. Very blessed 🙂

Sign up and take a look at the second video below. I am doing it for 2014. One picture each day with a caption on it about what I am grateful for. Now before you say you don’t have time for it this will take you two minutes on your smartphone. Download the app phonto (for iPhone) and load your picture with text. Done. By the end of the year you will have an Eco friendly picture book of gratitude. Take a look at the second video it’s about a women who did this last year.


Happy 2014!

2 thoughts on “A Good Girlfriend Read

  1. Glad you liked it! I’m full of recommendations. Have you read Clare Balding’s My Animals and Other Family or Susan Cain’s Quite?

    PS – want to come to BlogHer with me?

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