Valentine Chalk Pastel Art Lesson Grades 4-5th

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Thought I would share with you a fun chalk pastel lesson that I did with fourth grade last year. I brought those sweetheart boxed candy and all the students picked a few to put on their pieces. It was fun and easy and they learned about shading to create depth. Happy Valentines Day 🙂

Skills Learned:
Shading and sketching to create depth.
Materials Used:
Chalk pastel set of 16 colors
12 x 12 canvas board
Paper towels or blending sponges/sticks
Colored sharpies for words
Scratch paper

Start by passing out sweetheart candy and discussing words on them. Walk students through drawing one heart amd show them how to leave space for word with sharpie. Also show them how to create depth with shading on one side. Be sure to remind them that sharpies will not write over chalk so write word then u can blend a little chalk over it. Also don’t over crowd board with hearts. 4-5 hearts depending on their size is plenty 🙂 When finished spray board with fixative and you are done.

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