Easy Chicken Enchilada Dinner

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Ok so this is for a night when you come home and only have 15 minutes to get dinner done. It’s easy and the kids all ate it :). Serve with salad and you are set. Sorry my photos are not the greatest, kids dug in to fast before I could snap a picture šŸ™‚


Trader joes Chicken Taquitos (10 per packet in frozen section, these are gluten free) I use 3 packages for family of 5
Trader joes sliced black olives
Fresh chives or green onions
Trader joes Mexican blend cheese
Hatch red enchilada sauce (medium it is the best and gluten free)

There are 5 of us so I usually make 3 different pans of these (which means I use 3 packages of taquitos). I use glass Pyrex in various shapes to lay them out. Lay the taquitos in bottom of pans. I make one pan with just Taquitos, enchilada sauce and cheese. Then one is with everything above and the last pan is with special goat cheese. Yes I have 2 of us that are gluten and dairy intolerant. So after you put down taquitos pour sauce (I use 2 cans for 3 pans) over taquitos enough to cover. Then place cut chives, olives and cheese on and you are done. Bake uncovered for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

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