Fun Drinks in Hawaii

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I am always looking for new drink ideas. Both non-alcoholic and with alcohol :). Although I am finding as I age my tolerance is about one drink. So if I can only have one it has to be yummy. I have been trying new drinks on our vacation in Hawaii and I have to say thus spicy margarita is a favorite. It has fresh muddled jalapeño and cilantro to make it a bit spicy but good. Recipe is below give it a try and let me know what you think.

My other favorite day time staple is mango ice tea. They use puréed mango in ice tea for a yummy fresh treat. You can get the puréed mango at trader joes and easily make these at home. You decide how much mango and sweetness you want 🙂

spicy margarita

2 shots of patron gold or silver

1 shot of citronella (patron brand is good)

2 grease squeezed limes

1 slice if fresh jalapeño ( you can remove seeds to make less spicy)

1 teaspoon of fresh cilantro

top with 7 up or lemon lime soda of choice

muddle the cilantro and jalapeño together add other ingredients and ice top with 7 up and you are done. Enjoy!

Spicy margaritaMango ice tea

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