Helicopter Ride in Kauai

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Beautiful secluded beachesRainbow under helicopter

We have been taking the kids to Hawaii since they were little but have never taken a helicopter ride. We were waiting for them to be old enough to appreciate it and not toss their cookies 🙂 The island of Kauai has such diverse terrain that you can only view it in its entirety from a helicopter. Many movies like Jurassic park, pirates of the caribbean have been filmed here. We took a 50 minute ride with sunshine helicopter in princeville and it was amazing. Chris our pilot gave us fun facts and we all enjoyed the ride. Let me know if your interested in more info. Enjoy your day!

One thought on “Helicopter Ride in Kauai

  1. We have been on this flight. These pilots are frequently past military and are extremely skilled in showing you Kauai from a bird’s perspective. Great experience!

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