4th grade Redwood Trees Art Lesson

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4th grade redwood trees 4th grade redwood tree art 4th grade redwood tree art 4th grade redwood tree art


Wow time is just going by so fast the end of the year is quickly approaching 🙂  I had some fun this week with my fourth grade students. I taught a lesson by Alain Thomas who takes these amazing photographs of redwood trees.  We started out talking about what it feels like to stand in the middle of a forest of large redwoods how small it makes us feel.  Then we discussed the time of day and shadows, leaves in the background etc.  Then finally we talked about what the trees feel like.  The bark is uneven and rough.  Had a bunch of fun with these students.  Take a look and let me know if you use the project.  Happy Sunday!

French painter Alain Thomas, the founder of Primitive Naïve art, creates kaleidoscopic, ornate works populated by a magical menagerie of toucans, parrots, panthers, kangaroos, koalas and peacocks. Primitive Naïve art, which Thomas has been painting for 40 years, is a style in which untrained artists produce charmingly innocent works lacking technical constraints. He has created delightful illustrations for numerous publications, including art books, children’s stories and bestiaries as well as a 1,350 square foot mural fresco of a toucan in Nantes. His work has been featured in magazines, on television shows, and on enamels, porcelains, silks and tapestries.

Skills Learned:

How to create depth and perspective in a landscape piece using oil pastels, water-color and joint compound. Also creating shadows with black or dark colors.

Materials Needed:

  • Oil pastels
  • Lime and Green water-color
  • Joint compound
  • 2 tree cut outs one stump and one large
  • forks for making pattern in tree
  • Large brushes
  • Black glitter
  • Brown paint

Start by having students use oil pastels to draw brown and black trees as well as greenery and light (in background) with green and white pastels. Then have them paint the background shades of light and dark green water-color. Start with light on top and then build the black on the bottom. Then set aside and mix brown tempera in joint compound for three stumps. Paint tree stumps with brown tempera and then cover in joint compound. Finally sprinkle black glitter on top of joint compound and glue on two trees to background.


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