Kindergarten Sheep Art Lesson-Under 10 Steps

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Every year my friend Theresa volunteers at a vacation bible camp to do a couple of art projects.  So I have been helping her with ideas and just spent my whole morning having fun drawing animals.  I know I need to stop because I am still in my PJs and the dog needs some exercise 🙂  I finally finished this last animal and think the younger students can do it.  I will post the other lesson this week so you can have those too.  I got my idea from another blog I follow Kathy Barbro does an amazing job of explaining.  I of course changed it up a bit by adding cotton and watercolor so let me know what you think.  And thanks Kathy for the original idea.  Some kids in LA will be happy 🙂

sheep art lessonWho doesn’t love sheep?  Farm animals are always big hits in my class room so be sure and show as many as you can.  I also ask the students favorites and its fun to hear what they like about certain animals etc.

Skills learned:

drawing and sketching using shapes and letters


Materials used:

  • Pencil and eraser for sketching
  • 9 X 12 sheet of watercolor paper
  • oil pastel sets
  • blue, white and green watercolor
  • cotton balls
  • glue
  • black paper larger than 9 x 12 for framing
  • optional white tempera paint and a small sponge for decorating background of black paper
  1. HEAD: Start with drawing the eyes, then add the ears. Draw a big “W” for the face. Add the nose. Draw the curly wool on top.
  2. BODY: Draw a loopy line oval body to the left of the head. Add a loopy tail.
  3. LEGS: Add the pointy legs below.
  4. Color in legs, mouth and ears with pink oil pastel.
  5. Take a green oil pastel and create hill around sheep. (do not color in hill use watercolor to do this J)
  6. Trace entire body with black oil pastel.
  7. Then add swirls for hair 5-6 total.
  8. Use green watercolor for hill and blue and white watercolor for sky.
  9. Last use cotton balls and pull and shape them for added 3-dimension to your piece. I used 5 for the body, one for the tail an 2 for the head.

Optional to use white tempera and a small sponge to design a border for black paper.


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