Giving Back to the Community Where you Live

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This week my youngest son and I had time to go do some fun work for a local thrift shop that gives back directly to the community 🙂  It is called Caroline’s named after my friends daughter that passed away from several health problems at the young age of 16.  Christy opened the store a few years ago in her name and basically gives everything she sells and repurposes back to local non-profits.  To say the least she is an amazing woman.  Jesse and I went in to try and catch her up on some of the artsy/beachy stuff she sells in the shop.  Jesse also learned how to fold clothes 🙂  A good skill for an eighth grade boy.  Anyways my point here is that life makes us all busy and we all have a ton to do but it was so good for me to stop the list of summer chores I was doing and spend some time giving back.  Even if it was only a few hours.  Jesse and I had so much fun and I got to spend time with my friend Christy who is so busy I don’t get to see her as often.  So my advice to you is to find a place in your community and go give back.  Share your talents, skills etc and do some good.  It will come back to tenfold.

heart chalk board christy and jesse at carolines

I wish I was better at taking more pictures.  We did a lot of painting and a few driftwood peace signs.  Two brands of chalk paint that I highly recommend are Hudson (tons of colors and ships anywhere).  The other is Annie Sloan.  We put the Annie Sloan on old metal candlesticks in the florence color and it was amazing.  There are a few places that ship online for her brand and some local retailers.  The wood cutouts I get from a shop on Etsy called Mrwoodycrafts-  He makes some wonderful peace signs, hearts almost anything.

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