Painting on Wood Doors

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You could say I have been having some fun this week 🙂  My two younger teens are at their Auntie and Uncles house in LA so I have had some time to paint.  Remember last week I tried this crackle glaze on the below peace painting well it did not work and I ended up power washing it and sanding it and starting over.  But the result I think is still good.  I am going to put the metal door hanger on it (at the bottom) OK so I am going to ask my fabulous husband to put the door handle back on it and see how it looks.

The second picture is a vintage door I painted with Annie Sloan chalkboard paint I talked about last week.  I did get a shipment of the Annie Sloan paint with crackle and love it!  The below door is a vintage pocket one and I painted it with florence color.  I am debating on selling this as a headboard or an art piece with some shelving.  Still need to seal it but wanted to show you all the fabulous color. There are loads of places that sell the Annie Sloan line online but I got mine from a gal in New York and her site is  My box came complete with a cute note from the packer and a free sanding bar…bonus!  Also some fun fourth of July artwork on the outside of the box.   Really nice and it had directions on how to use the crackle which was helpful.

I am coming up on my 100th post and wanted to ask all of you what I should do?  Is there some project you wish to learn about?  Or something you want me to expand on?  Let me know I want to have some fun with it.  Will be in San Diego this week doing college orientation with my oldest daughter.  Cannot believe she is going to college.  Hopefully will have some fun San Diego stuff to share with you guys.  Happy Thursday!

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