Trip to Southern California-La Jolla

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So we have been making our way down the coast south as we often do in the summer. We have family in North LA and some more further South. But this year is different because we are here for Hailey (my oldest daughter) orientation at SDSU. We are halfway through our trip and have met so many nice people. I have been walking on the beach every morning with my friend Denise to Black’s a local surf spot on the La Jolla cliffs. The other morning we stopped to try to find our teenagers and husbands in the surf lineup and there was a young photographer there filming some pro surfers. I asked if he happened to see my daughter since often there are not many girls in the water and he knew where she was. We thanked him and said if he had time to take some shots of her to text us. We didn’t really think he would have time to get any shots of her and left to go back to the hotel. Yesterday he texted me and said he had some shots 🙂 I think the most remarkable thing about this photo is the background of the shot. My daughter doesn’t think it’s a great shot because she is not doing any tricks or catching air. But I love this shot for the cliffs in the background and the color of the water. So I thought I would share a little of the beauty of Black’s beach with you today and thank Will for the photo. Today we are off to orientation so I will let you know how that goes. Happy Summer 🙂


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