100th Blog Post-Auction Projects Galore

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Sorry I have been absent for the last few months.  I am trying to update my blog and make it more user friendly.  If any of you have ideas I would love to hear from you.

For my 100th post I thought I would share the fabulous auction projects the students have created this year.  I love doing these but its gets a bit crazy when we come down to the deadlines and trying to fit it all the normal curriculum etc.  I assisted with about 6 classes this year and I want to say thanks to all the parents that helped with materials etc to get these done 🙂

First Grade-Crosses

First Grade Wood Piece Auction Crosses

So happy to have Mr. Silva the science and math teacher on campus this year 🙂  He taught woodworking and has a love of it as I do of art.  He helped cut and prepare the wood for the First Grade Crosses.  We got the ideas of course from Pinterest and went about trying to figure out how to get them done with the students.  I again used my Annie Sloane chalkboard paint with students with water to have a whitewash effect.  Thanks also to Claudia my fearless friend and room mother who was with me all the way on this project.  I hope one of use gets to purchase one of these.  I truly love them!

Second Grade-Pallet Planter Box

Second Grade Auction Pallet Planter Box

The second grade room mom had the idea for the pallet planter box so I ran with it and incorporated into their lesson that day.  We were doing Matisse Goldfish paintings so we thought about fish and God and a theme to put on planter box.  One of the students came up with “Swim God’s Way” and we were set 🙂  Thank you Sienna!  So the students painted their own goldfish wrote their names and I put the words and finishing touches on it.  Love this one too!

3rd Grade-City Scape and Abstract Wood Sunset Painting

3rd grade city scape auction project 3rd grade abstract wood sunset auction painting

We ended up with two projects…I know crazy right!  We started with this abstract sunset because I saw it on pinterest and thought the students could recreate it to put on top of a pallette coffee table (I got from etsy here is the link to the site https://www.etsy.com/transaction/226809609)  Edward of 220Grit on Etsy makes awesome pallet furniture.  So I purchased the table and then the science and art teacher Mr. SIlva cut wood and got it all ready for students to paint.  I used Annie Sloane chalkboard paint with the students and taught them how to add color in slowly for the abstract sunset 🙂  But when I finished it Mr. Silva thought it might be better as a stand alone piece so then I had to think about what to do with the coffee table!  I added in a new project with 3rd grade for Mrs. Henderson.   We did city scapes on water with a reflection.  They came out fabulous ( here is a link to my artsonia site to see those http://www.artsonia.com/museum/gallery.asp?exhibit=848125)  Then I thought we should have each student paint a city building on the table top to create one large piece.  I love both pieces and yes I know I should have just stuck with doing one but I just could not resist.

Fifth Grade Fire Pit

fifth grade auction fire pit Jackson Pollack style

The fifth grade was in a bit of pinch.  The room mom emailed me and said we have no project for the auction!  I went to my trusty auction folder on pinterest and found this fire pit project.  They were doing a Jackson Pollack canvas for class and I happened to purchase the bisque tiles on sale at ( https://www.etriarco.com/triarco/#&&/wEXAgUNaW5wdXRBcmd1bWVudAXoAUFBRUFBQUQvLy8vL0FRQUFBQUFBQUFBTUFnQUFBRVJEYjI1MFlYUmhMbGRsWWl3Z1ZtVnljMmx2YmoweExqQXVNVFkxTGpBc0lFTjFiSFIxY21VOWJtVjFkSEpoYkN3Z1VIVmliR2xqUzJWNVZHOXJaVzQ5Ym5Wc2JBVUJBQUFBSTBOdmJuUmhkR0V1VjJWaUxsQnliMlIxWTNSRVpYUmhhV3h6UVhKbmRXMWxiblJ6QVFBQUFCbzhVSEp2WkhWamRFbGtQbXRmWDBKaFkydHBibWRHYVdWc1pBQUlBZ0FBQUJkWkFBQUwFC2NvbnRyb2xOYW1lBRNQcm9kdWN0RGV0YWlscy5hc2N4/1+DOrpXl6KktEW4MitVMMviIjc=) So after they finished their canvases they worked on the tiles with ceramic paint.  Then I took them to my good friend Robbie the clay lady and she fired them for me.  I then had the teachers husband who is a contractor cut the hardiplank (http://www.homedepot.com/p/James-Hardie-Cedarmill-Lap-Siding-Common-5-16-in-x-8-1-4-in-x-12-ft-Actual-7-5-mm-x-8-125-in-x-143-87-in-215518/100064049) which is non combustible wood to place in the rim of fire pit and then glued the tiles down with tough as nails.  After it dried I grouted with black grout and then used sealer to clean up tiles and waterproof the grout.  The end result is stunning not a hard project but I believe supplies ran close to $200 if you are thinking about doing this.

Sixth Grade Our Hearts Art Piece and Book

6th grade our hearts auction artwork

For the sixth grade we worked on this fun collage piece.  I purchased from DickBlick (http://www.dickblick.com/items/13630-3040/).  Then I had the students do a certain number of hearts with some fun paper and I also used an old encyclopedia and dictionary pages.  The other half of the project entailed Mr. Valdivia our sixth grade teacher working with the students on writing what their family love means to them.  I know the book will be priceless and the artwork is beautiful.  Thanks to Irene and Jenny the room moms for their support in getting this complete.  They did the bulk of the work…I mostly supplied time and materials 🙂

Eighth Grade Snowboard Bench

8th grade auction snowboard bench

The last project I did was for 8th grade.  This was the one I committed to from the beginning.  My son is in 8th grade and graduating this year so I wanted to do something really fun with his class.  The teacher Mrs. Meschi helped me get the students to do graffiti art names to adhere to the bench.  I used E6000 to glue them to the bench then outdoor Varathane Glossy Varnish to seal them.  I put 3 coats of sealer on so that they would last for a few years without re-sealing.  I got the metal frame for adhering boards to from Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/transaction/225881388) and the site is called RusticLiving.  My fabulous husband put it together with a drill and it is actually pretty sturdy and fairly easy to do.

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