Simple Holiday Wrapping Ideas

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beachy gift wrapping holiday gift wrapping

Yes I know you think I am crazy but I almost enjoy gift wrapping more than buying the presents 🙂  This year I of course took inspiration from pinterest from and  I just ordered my holiday cards on etsy from and she is going to print them with the same chalkboard theme I have going on my wrapping paper.  Cannot believe I got this all done before Thanksgiving!  Below are the links to buy the items you need to do any of the 4 wraps.  Email or message me if you have questions.  Happy wrapping!

simple holiday wrap with rosemary sprig holiday childrens wrapping

1.  Marvy gift tag punch- Overstock has it for a little over $20 and free shipping.  You will use this forever so it is worth the money. 

2.  Large black roll of paper-I got mine on amazon but it is from Pacon paper company: again about $20 I have had the same roll for a number of years for wrapping.

3.  Twine in a can by Luster Leaf-this is the best twine and stays good because it comes in this dispenser. You get 325 feet for about $7 shipped with Amazon prime.

4.  Factory Direct Rusty Metal Stars:  I paint mine silver or other colors but they are nice rusty too.  Then I use my drill or a punch to put holes at top.

5.  Discount School Supply sea animal easy grip stamps set of 14 for about $16.

6.  White tempera paint:  Discount School Supply:  $3.50 per pint:

7.  Rosemary or sprigs of garland from tree or garden.

8.  Shells and sand from the beach or discount school supply carries some medium size ones:

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