Kindergarten Christmas Tree with Doves

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kinder christmas tree art lesson

I had those fabulous Kindergarteners this week 🙂  They always make me smile and I truly enjoy my time with them.  I wanted to get them into the Christmas spirit so we did this Christmas tree with doves project.  It has a few cut outs but always looks beautiful.  Hope you get to enjoy some time with your family this holiday.  Looking forward to time with mine 🙂  xo  renee

Skills Learned:

Brush strokes, tinting using white, making pattern with dotters.

Materials Used:

  • White, yellow, gold, red tempera paint.
  • Iridescent and silver sparkles
  • Dotters (discount school supply carries)
  • Taped 18 x 24 watercolor paper.
  • Burlap or red felt for tree base
  • Jewel or glitter foam stars for tree top
  • Green watercolor for tree
  • Tree cut out (large triangle and 2 small dove cuts outs)

Start by discussing the meaning of doves and the tree during Christmas. Then discuss what color they add to the background to make off white and what tint means. Then paint the background using back and forth brush strokes. Then add silver sparkles while background is wet. Next set aside background and work on doves. Show them how to paint the doves facing each other and add white paint on top of dove cut out. Next add iridescent sparkles to top of dove and set aside. Next work on painting tree with green watercolor. Do two coats of watercolor so tree is nice and dark. Then pass out dotter plates with red and gold paint. Teach them how to share the dotter with neighbor one for red and one for gold J Then glue all the pieces to background and finally add the star on the top of tree. Sign and you are done.

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