Celebrating 50 Years Was So Much Fun on the Island of Namotu in Fiji

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hamock in namotu fiji  Namotu Island Fiji  namotu fiji sunset private pool by our villa

It was a bit crazy getting out for a family trip before Christmas but I have to say we had so much fun.  We have never celebrated Christmas away from home since the kids were little.  Now that they are 18, 16 and 13 it was nice to go away and have time together as a family away from all the holiday hype.  The Island of Namotu only house about 23 visitors and you can only have one internet connection at one time for $100 so our technology was limited.  The above picture is the hammock and the island, our first sunset and the pool that was by our Villa.

santa came to fiji girls catch mahi mahi

We stayed in the back of the property in what was called the Villa.  I think originally this was built for the owner of the property but now is used for guests.  The girls shared a room and my son had his own with a joint bathroom.  Kent and I had the master bedroom with a lovely bathroom and amazing views to Cloudbreak and Namotu lefts.  There are breaks all along the island and a boat ride away from some of the best surfing in the world.  Above is a funny plastic Santa I found on the beach and the girls torturing their brother with the Mahi Mahi they caught.  The trip gave us plenty of family time and also lots of fun water activities to do besides surfing.  One day we went out for a “skull drag” which consisted of hanging on to a few 2 x 4 pieces of wood and being drug around the reef for an hour.  It was amazing and the reef is still very much alive and beautiful since the last trip Kent and I took to Fiji 25 years ago when we lived in Japan.

shell I found on namotu island fiji heart coral in fiji

The staff was amazing.  Very friendly and welcoming.  Even with all of our food allergies they rolled with it and made us feel at home.  The picture of the shell above is one I found on the island.  Also lots of coral and beauty on the beach.  Thanks to Scottie and Mandy who own and operate the island.  We had a memorable family trip we will not forget.

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