God Has A Plan-Favorite Quotes of the New Year

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This week was back to teaching art…I had First, Fourth and Sixth Grades and they we had some fun.  I also wanted to share with you the two best quotes of Christmas and New Years Vacation.  Got to give quote credits to Mrs. Colosi who said this on New Years Eve.  The second one I saw on a dish towel in Truckee.  They both are so true and are words to live by 🙂









In First Grade we did George Rodrigue’s “Blue Dog.”

first grade blue dog




Then I did paper portraits with the Fourth Grade class which was also fun 🙂

fourth grade paper portraits

And to finish my week I worked with the sixth grade on these Asian Bamboo watercolor pieces.  They really got into using the different brushes and simulating the bamboo.

sixth grade asian bamboo projectAs always I pinned a bunch of new brain break videos for the students.  It helps with transitions and settling a class that is riled up and loud.  I have to say I love Kid President videos here is a link to one of his best.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4I3bU_zfCA

But the brain break winner this week was Happy with the Minions 🙂  Here is the link so you can use it.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOWDb2TBYDg

Have an awesome week 🙂





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