Sunsets Are Awesome-Right?

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This week I had fun with the fourth graders teaching them about building on colors 🙂  Although now as I write this I forgot we were supposed to do their mission project paintings.  Will have to talk to teacher and see if I can do it as an extra day this month?  So much fun watching these take shape.  Something about sunsets and their beauty.  Hope you all see some great ones this weekend.  xo renee

Laura Milnor Iverson-Seagulls at Sunset 4th Grade Art Lesson

I am a native Californian and my greatest inspiration comes from the beautiful natural landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area. I express my love of nature in both Dreamy Realism (realistic landscapes and seascapes with an impressionist overtone…the imprint of a scene on the mind, with the soft edges of memory) and Contemporary Zen (botanical abstracts in a modern Asian style, such as autumn leaves, florals, cherry blossoms, and so on).

Skills Learned:

Layer painting, landscape and using mixed media to add dimension to your artwork.

Materials Needed:

  • Yellow, blue, pink, white, black and brown tempera paint
  • Large and small brushes
  • Paper plate palettes.
  • Black tissue paper
  • Blue watercolor
  • White and pink oil pastels
  • Green sand for rock (looks like moss)
  • Rock cut outs
  • Glue


Have students start by painting yellow for the sky above their horizon line. Next have them lightly paint on some pink and then blue. Next use the oil pastels to stroke in the highlights of the water with pink and white. Then paint blue watercolor over the oil pastel to make it pop out. Set aside and work on the rock by crinkling black tissue and painting it on with brown tempera to make it stick. Next sprinkle a bit if green sand to add a mossy look. Lastly take small brushes and paint in birds in the sky and maybe one on the rock if they want. Glue piece together with hot glue gun and you are finished.

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