Fun Week of Second Grade Portraits, Fifth Grade Flags and Seventh Grade Charcoal Sketching

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The weeks seem to be flying by now…so busy with end of school stuff.  Kinder and eighth grade graduation and with the weather being so hot spring fever is alive in my classes 🙂  I taught second, fifth and seventh grades this week.  In second grade we worked on self portraits which is always a bit challenging with the younger ones but I think they did an awesome job.   See below 🙂


Then in seventh grade we worked on our sketching skills with charcoal.  There are a lot of great utube videos on charcoal so we watched one and ventured forth 🙂


Then to finish my week I had the fifth grade class doing Jasper Johns 1954 flag.  I always let them do an adaptation on the stars so they can make it their own 🙂  Really love this project!

5thgradeflags2 5thgradeflags1 5thgradeflags3

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