God Has A Plan-Favorite Quotes of the New Year

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This week was back to teaching art…I had First, Fourth and Sixth Grades and they we had some fun.  I also wanted to share with you the two best quotes of Christmas and New Years Vacation.  Got to give quote credits to Mrs. Colosi who said this on New Years Eve.  The second one I saw on a dish towel in Truckee.  They both are so true and are words to live by 🙂









In First Grade we did George Rodrigue’s “Blue Dog.”

first grade blue dog




Then I did paper portraits with the Fourth Grade class which was also fun 🙂

fourth grade paper portraits

And to finish my week I worked with the sixth grade on these Asian Bamboo watercolor pieces.  They really got into using the different brushes and simulating the bamboo. Continue Reading »


Fall Art Lesson for 3-5th Grades

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3rd-5th grade fall art lesson

3rd-5th grade fall art lesson

I had to move around some lessons for 4th grade because I could not start their mission painting yet.   So I thought it would be fun to do something seasonal like a fall pumpkin patch scene with chalk pastels.  I searched the internet and there are so many how to draw pumpkin lessons.  Of course pinterest has many options below are the three I am going to use to show the students there are many easy ways to sketch a pumpkin.

3rd-5th grade fall art lesson

3rd-5th grade fall art lesson

  1. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/145804106662053454/
  2. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/145804106661991880/
  3. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/145804106661976935/

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100th Blog Post-Auction Projects Galore

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Sorry I have been absent for the last few months.  I am trying to update my blog and make it more user friendly.  If any of you have ideas I would love to hear from you.

For my 100th post I thought I would share the fabulous auction projects the students have created this year.  I love doing these but its gets a bit crazy when we come down to the deadlines and trying to fit it all the normal curriculum etc.  I assisted with about 6 classes this year and I want to say thanks to all the parents that helped with materials etc to get these done 🙂

First Grade-Crosses

First Grade Wood Piece Auction Crosses

So happy to have Mr. Silva the science and math teacher on campus this year 🙂  He taught woodworking and has a love of it as I do of art.  He helped cut and prepare the wood for the First Grade Crosses.  We got the ideas of course from Pinterest and went about trying to figure out how to get them done with the students.  I again used my Annie Sloane chalkboard paint with students with water to have a whitewash effect.  Thanks also to Claudia my fearless friend and room mother who was with me all the way on this project.  I hope one of use gets to purchase one of these.  I truly love them!

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Trip to Southern California-La Jolla

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So we have been making our way down the coast south as we often do in the summer. We have family in North LA and some more further South. But this year is different because we are here for Hailey (my oldest daughter) orientation at SDSU. We are halfway through our trip and have met so many nice people. I have been walking on the beach every morning with my friend Denise to Black’s a local surf spot on the La Jolla cliffs. The other morning we stopped to try to find our teenagers and husbands in the surf lineup and there was a young photographer there filming some pro surfers. I asked if he happened to see my daughter since often there are not many girls in the water and he knew where she was. We thanked him and said if he had time to take some shots of her to text us. We didn’t really think he would have time to get any shots of her and left to go back to the hotel. Yesterday he texted me and said he had some shots 🙂 I think the most remarkable thing about this photo is the background of the shot. My daughter doesn’t think it’s a great shot because she is not doing any tricks or catching air. But I love this shot for the cliffs in the background and the color of the water. So I thought I would share a little of the beauty of Black’s beach with you today and thank Will for the photo. Today we are off to orientation so I will let you know how that goes. Happy Summer 🙂


Painting on Wood Doors

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You could say I have been having some fun this week 🙂  My two younger teens are at their Auntie and Uncles house in LA so I have had some time to paint.  Remember last week I tried this crackle glaze on the below peace painting well it did not work and I ended up power washing it and sanding it and starting over.  But the result I think is still good.  I am going to put the metal door hanger on it (at the bottom) OK so I am going to ask my fabulous husband to put the door handle back on it and see how it looks.

The second picture is a vintage door I painted with Annie Sloan chalkboard paint I talked about last week.  I did get a shipment of the Annie Sloan paint with crackle and love it!  The below door is a vintage pocket one and I painted it with florence color.  I am debating on selling this as a headboard or an art piece with some shelving.  Still need to seal it but wanted to show you all the fabulous color. There are loads of places that sell the Annie Sloan line online but I got mine from a gal in New York and her site is http://www.thepurplepaintedlady.com/  My box came complete with a cute note from the packer and a free sanding bar…bonus!  Also some fun fourth of July artwork on the outside of the box.   Really nice and it had directions on how to use the crackle which was helpful.

I am coming up on my 100th post and wanted to ask all of you what I should do?  Is there some project you wish to learn about?  Or something you want me to expand on?  Let me know I want to have some fun with it.  Will be in San Diego this week doing college orientation with my oldest daughter.  Cannot believe she is going to college.  Hopefully will have some fun San Diego stuff to share with you guys.  Happy Thursday!





A Big Thank You to my 7th Grade Art Students

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Just wanted to take some time to thank all my seventh grade students and parents for their love and support this year.  Well I guess technically they are now 8th graders since we are in mid-summer 🙂  I started teaching these students when we moved here from Foster City and they were in first grade.  I have had so much fun and learned so many things from these students. They have taught me how to think out of the box and look at things with new eyes when it comes to completing art projects.

I was so excited to get my gift certificate to Warmth Company from the class.  The students  know how obsessed I am with the store.  It always inspires me with new ideas for class projects etc.  So I wanted to get something that would remind me of the class and how much fun we have together.  I ended up purchasing this Waxing Poetic heart charm.

waxing poetic heart charm from 7th graders

I love this brands philosophy that “Faith, Risk, Hope and Joy are Inextricably bound together.”  I can wear the heart charm on my bracelet or necklace and it makes me smile and think of all of you.  Cannot believe these kids are eighth graders this year.  I have had the awesome opportunity of watching them grow, change and support each other for the last seven years 🙂  Cannot wait to see what they all do this year, in high school and college.

Have fun with the rest of the summer and look forward to hearing about all your adventures in the August when we start back at school.

With lots of love,

Mrs. Robinett

Giving Back to the Community Where you Live

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This week my youngest son and I had time to go do some fun work for a local thrift shop that gives back directly to the community 🙂  It is called Caroline’s named after my friends daughter that passed away from several health problems at the young age of 16.  Christy opened the store a few years ago in her name and basically gives everything she sells and repurposes back to local non-profits.  To say the least she is an amazing woman.  Jesse and I went in to try and catch her up on some of the artsy/beachy stuff she sells in the shop.  Jesse also learned how to fold clothes 🙂  A good skill for an eighth grade boy.  Anyways my point here is that life makes us all busy and we all have a ton to do but it was so good for me to stop the list of summer chores I was doing and spend some time giving back.  Even if it was only a few hours.  Jesse and I had so much fun and I got to spend time with my friend Christy who is so busy I don’t get to see her as often.  So my advice to you is to find a place in your community and go give back.  Share your talents, skills etc and do some good.  It will come back to tenfold.

heart chalk board christy and jesse at carolines

I wish I was better at taking more pictures.  We did a lot of painting and a few driftwood peace signs.  Two brands of chalk paint that I highly recommend are Hudson (tons of colors and ships anywhere).  The other is Annie Sloan.  We put the Annie Sloan on old metal candlesticks in the florence color and it was amazing.  There are a few places that ship online for her brand and some local retailers.  The wood cutouts I get from a shop on Etsy called Mrwoodycrafts- https://www.etsy.com/shop/MrWoodyCrafts.  He makes some wonderful peace signs, hearts almost anything.