Mother’s Day Kindergarten Project


Kinder mothers day art projectYes I know what you’re saying its only Valentines what is she thinking?  But if I don’t start now I will never to get to Father’s Day.  I always like to do something nice for our fathers who get forgotten sometimes because it happens in June 🙂  Again I was inspired by the art finds on pinterest.  So thanks again to all of you pinners!  Let me know how it goes if you do the project. b:)

Skills Learned:

Writing letters, drawing shapes, brush strokes.

Materials Needed:

  • Oil pastel sets of 16 (craypas)
  • Watercolor assorted pastel or bright colors (i use colorations from Discount School Supply)
  • 18 x 24 canvas ( I buy mine from Triarco and get a school discount)
  • medium brushes and small water cups

I started by marking off canvas for the kindergarteners with pencil into the 12 squares.  Then I went over it with a dark blue oil pastel.  Next I gave the kinder home room teacher a grid much the same as the canvas to have the students fill out prior to art class.  I told them they have to put their mom hats on and think about colors, flowers and things their mothers like to get them thinking.  Next have the students put what they wrote on grid onto canvas with a pencil then have them go over it in oil pastel.  Reminding them to try ad use different colors and no black, brown or white because they will not show well on canvas.  Have them trace over letters and pictures a few times to make them nice and dark then have them start painting the watercolor around the letters and pictures etc.  Its ok if the watercolor touches the letters and or pictures you can blot up with a paper towel easily 🙂  Make sure you remind them not to put same colors next to each other and also not to paint the square the same color as the oil pastel letters etc.  You can have parent helpers touch up when done but that is pretty much it.  I did go back over my grid and letters after with oil pastel to make them show better.  Happy moms day!


Kindergarten Sailboats-Learning about Primary Colors

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1-lil-sailboat-cindy-thorntonSkills Learned:

Holding a paintbrush and creating horizon line in artwork. They also will learn to cut shapes with scissors and creating a landscape with mixed media materials and primary colors.


  • Yellow, blue, red and white tempera paint.
  • Large paint brushes.
  • Wooden skewers for sails
  • Red construction paper for flag
  • White and red tissue paper for sails
  • Boat cut outs
  • Paper plates for paint
  • Watercolor paper taped 18 x 24 Continue Reading »

Kindergarten Vintage Book Dogs

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johnny vintage book dog

Kindergarten Vintage Book Dogs

Materials Needed:

  • Large format old book pages
  • Templates for dogs (head, ears and neck)
  • Decide which kind of dog you want to make

(I did a Dalmatian, poodle, golden retriever and jack russell)

  • Black construction paper cut in strips to make border
  • Discount School Supply 12 x 18 watercolor paper