6th Grade Cartoon Portraits

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6th grade cartoon portraits6th grade cartoon portraits IMG_5303This week I decided to switch up my regular portrait for sixth grade with a cartoon one.  Every year I do a portrait and it’s not always the students first choice 🙂  I know they need the sketching skills for high school and life so I march on and try to make it fun.  And an added bonus I told them they had to be nice to me since I was teaching them on my birthday!  I believe they came out fabulous.  I am always trying to balance giving them the tools to complete the project without doing it for them.  But I think they were very successful and these make you want to smile.

Materials Needed:

Skill Learned:

Sketching and drawing cartoon features for a portrait from shapes.

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Sixth Grade Watercolor and Oil Pastel Winter Trees

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oil pastel and watercolor tree

oil pastel and watercolor tree

Skill Learned:  Sketching and drawing a tree.  Mixing complimentary colors.  Resist.

Materials Used:

  • Pencils and erasers
  • Oil pastel sets of 16 (craypas)
  • Watercolor and trays and medium brushes
  • 18 x 24 cold press 140 lb. watercolor paper taped with 2-inch painters tape.

Begin this project by discussing and showing photos of trees.  Talk about the trunks of trees when its winter and how they look at different times of the day.  Discuss how to draw and show examples on the board with students.  Also have students come up and Continue Reading »