Third Grade Foil Aquarium Art Project


third grade foil fish art lessonthird grade foil fish art lessonthird grade foil fish art lessonthird grade foil fish art lessonThis is one of my favorite fun end of the year lessons for third graders.  The students always have a bunch of fun doing this and the colors are so vibrant 🙂

These are hung up at the local market in Aptos called Deluxe Foods.  My students get so excited to see their pieces displayed at the store.  Let me know if you use it and if you have questions.

Happy Memorial Day!

Internationally recognized, Paul Brent is considered a top coastal artist. Inspired by Florida’s sea and shoreline, the award-winning artist freely embarks on forays featuring musical instruments and edgy cityscapes as well. Brent is one of the few artist-designers licensed by Florida as an Interior Designer with many of his works have been transformed into home décor and apparel through 50 licensees.

Skills Learned: Working with foil and netting to add texture to art piece

Materials Needed:

  • Blue, violet and green watercolor mixed with water to make lighter
  • Blue, violet and green powder tempera
  • Salt
  • Large brushes
  • Heavy duty foil
  • Netting from potato and onion bags (to put under foil for pattern when they draw)
  • Sharpies in various colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue and popcorn to adhere fish and turtles
  • Purple and green tissue strips for kelp

Have students start by painting the background with green and blue watercolor mixed with water to make lighter. While wet add salt and the powder tempera for added color. Set aside and work on fish and turtles. Teach the students the basic steps for drawing turtles and fish on board. Then have them decide which they are doing and how to layout. Use netting and shapies to color then cut out. Cut kelp and glue all pieces onto background.


Third Grade Cranes Over Moon Chalk Pastel Project

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This project was inspired by Keichi Nishimura and fabulous Japanese artist 🙂  The fun thing about the chalk is that if the students blend too much they can go back and retrace their crane again.  Enjoy!

jacks cranes over moon pieceSkill Learned:

Blending with chalk.  Making movement in art and tracing skills are utilized.

Materials Needed:

  • 2 small crane cut outs to trace per student and glue onto piece at end
  • large moon cut out
  • Chalk pastels (I use the Sergent art set of 12 in class)
  • White and yellow tempera
  • Crane and moon cut outs
  • 18 X 24 taped watercolor paper
  • glue to adhere moon
  • iridescent sparkles for moon
  • black puffy paint or black sharpie for eyes

First talk to students about cranes and birds in general.  We are near the beach so we discussed how pelicans fly in V formation all going the same way etc.  This is so they think about how to lay out their bird pattern.  Then I have them trace 8 cranes (in the end they will have 10 total because they glue the Continue Reading »

Third Grade Warm/Cool Color Birch Tree Lesson

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warm color birch treecool color 3rd grade birch treeMaterials used:

  • Yellow, red, pink, orange tempera (warm colors)
  • Blue, green, purple, turquoise tempera (cool colors)
  • Paper plates for paint
  • Discount school supply 12x 18 watercolor paper (1 sheet for warm/cool painting one sheet for trees
  • Cardboard cut into small pieces to use for tree marks
  • Black tempura paint for trees
  • Large paint brushes ( for painting background)
  • Small brushes for painting trees
  • Glue for putting trees on background
  • Scissors for cutting trees

Skills Learned: 

Warm/Cool color palette and perspective.

*Need to give credits to Deep Space Sparkle-I adapted from her lesson and the students love doing this 🙂  Thank you!

Begin by discussing and showing students birch trees and the shapes and marks they have on their bark. Then discuss warm colors (fire is what I use Continue Reading »