Third Grade Warm/Cool Color Birch Tree Lesson

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warm color birch treecool color 3rd grade birch treeMaterials used:

  • Yellow, red, pink, orange tempera (warm colors)
  • Blue, green, purple, turquoise tempera (cool colors)
  • Paper plates for paint
  • Discount school supply 12x 18 watercolor paper (1 sheet for warm/cool painting one sheet for trees
  • Cardboard cut into small pieces to use for tree marks
  • Black tempura paint for trees
  • Large paint brushes ( for painting background)
  • Small brushes for painting trees
  • Glue for putting trees on background
  • Scissors for cutting trees

Skills Learned: 

Warm/Cool color palette and perspective.

*Need to give credits to Deep Space Sparkle-I adapted from her lesson and the students love doing this 🙂  Thank you!

Begin by discussing and showing students birch trees and the shapes and marks they have on their bark. Then discuss warm colors (fire is what I use Continue Reading »