Another Fun Week of Art With Kindergarten Royal Portraits

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kinder royal portraitsFirst off I cannot believe January 2015 is halfway done!  I had those fabulous Kindergarteners again and we had fun with the above Royal Portraits.  I have to give credits to DeepSpaceSparkle for the lesson here is the original link for this.  Patty has some amazing lessons and I have followed her for years.  Thanks Patty another California art teacher!  I found these crowns on sale at Oriental Trading ($2.90 per dozen) we dawned our crowns and instantly became royal!  Often during class if someone got a little crazy we discussed how royals would act it was so much fun 🙂  Lesson is below.

7th grade foil names

I also tried a new lesson in 7th grade with names which I believe they liked-I asked them if they wanted to keep it for next year and they said yes if we could listen to the Glee station on Pandora 🙂  So we listened to Glee and finished our work.  Another fun week in Art class in one of the most beautiful places on Earth.  I am very grateful for everything God has given to me and sometimes just have to say it so I fully realize what a gift everyday is!

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Ah the joys of summer for a teacher…7th grade art lesson on abstract painting on wood with acrylic

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imageWell sorry I am just getting to this but school and the kids took up a lot of time this year 🙂  I will promise to add at least one art lesson a week this year.  It might be my last year teaching so I want to make sure I share as much as I can with all you art teachers out there.  Just got done with my first ever art show and first friday in downtown Santa Cruz.  Very fun!  Thanks to all my family and friends that helped make it happen.  Jenna (L’Atelier Salon) owner is awesome.  Here are a few things I showed as well as directions for the the 7th grade lesson I teach for painting with acrylic on wood.

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