Inspirational Holiday Word Lesson

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I had a fun week of lessons with the students.  I had the fourth grade class on Wednesday and I promised them if we finished our first lesson we could do a fun Christmas project after.  Well of course we finished and got to do the below project.  I usually do this with the 8th graders but wanted to see how my fabulous 4th graders would do.  I love this project for two reasons it gets you into the holiday spirit with words that inspire and create fun and joy.  It takes minimal materials (oil pastels and black 12 x 18 construction paper).  Hope you have some fun with your students or kids with this project.

8th grade art lesson

Skills Learned:

Sketching and using proportions for layout and design.

Materials Used:

  • Black 12 x 18 construction paper
  • Oil pastel sets of 16 colors (craypas)

Start by having students discuss words that are inspirational to them at Christmas. Show picture of sample like JOY, PEACE, etc. Make their art with 5 loops and 11 light bulbs to make it include math. Then remind them not to do bulb the same color as background or it will disappear. Fun holiday project with some great words.

8th grade christmas inspirational words art lesson 8th grade christmas inspirational words art lesson 8th grade christmas inspirational words art lesson 8th grade christmas inspirational words art lesson

8th Grade Movie Night with Watercolor Pencils

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I did this project with my 8th graders and they loved it. Got all the large candy boxes at Target on sale :). Let me know how it goes with your class.

Skills Learned:
Drawing and sketching using watercolor pencils.

Materials Used:

Watercolor pencils
8 1/2 x 11 watercolor paper
Pencils and erasers
Small water cups
Paper towels

Start by discussing the movies and how much candy and food you buy. Show them pictures of candy online and show them the colors etc. Have the supplies all out and get students started with drawing the box and using the watercolor pencils properly. Tell them not to leave pencils in water etc and they can use small brushes with water to spread color. Everyone finished and had a great time and I let them take the candy home 🙂