Fourth Grade Valentines Project-Happy Hearts Day

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fourth grade valentine art projectHad a really fun week teaching during my favorite month 🙂  This weeks favorite besides the really cute kindergarteners was fourth grade.  We got really messy with chalk pastel, watercolor and powdered tempera.  I taught them about warm and cool colors and the projects turned out amazing!  Directions are below.  Message me if you need help with supplies or directions and Happy Hearts Month!  xo  renee

happy hearts art lesson2

Skills Learned:

  • Sketching and cutting out hearts.
  • Warm and Cool color contrast.
  • Working with chalk and powdered tempera paint.
  • Blending and working with chalk pastel.


  • Watercolor paper to cut out several heart shapes
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Taped 18 x 24 watercolor paper
  • Various liquid watercolor (I use colorations by DiscountSchoolSupply)
  • Powdered tempera in warm and cool colors
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Large brushes
  • Warm and cool color chalk pastel

I started our discussion with the color wheel and how I correlate warm and cool colors. Then we talked about how using the opposite colors makes them pop on the paper. I passed out watercolor paper, pencils, scissors and erasers to sketch and cut out hearts. We varied our shapes and sizes to make the overall appearance of our piece. We laid them out to make sure they fit on our background then we set aside to work on background. We then chose our background color and painted that. Then we added another same warm or cool color by sprinkling powdered tempera paint on wet background. Set aside background to work on the hearts. We then took chalk pastel to color and blend our hearts with opposite (warm or cool) color of our background. Then glue them down remove tape and sign. These came out amazing!