Third Grade Auction Project

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This week I only had a few classes but had to finish off the auction projects for the school.  Nothing like cutting it close its today 🙂  The bench below was easy and fun to do with the students.  I purchased the really cute bench on Etsy (one of my favorite artist stores). Here is a link to James’ pallet furniture store

You start with the student either drawing a flower or using a page of medium size coloring book flower pages.  Have the students color in flower and then you cut out.  Trace the flowers onto the bench with a charcoal pencil in varied heights.  Then have a plate of acrylic colors mixed for them to use to paint the flowers on the traced area on bench.  I had about 3-4 students come into class room at a time and the rest were playing outside with another parent.

After the flowers dried which was pretty fast since it was a warm day I had the parents helping me paint the grass and we worked on the quote.  I had a parent with good cursive writing (thanks Mrs. Gregg) write the quote in charcoal pencil.  Then I traced over it with a black sharpie.  Then I took black acrylic paint and a thin round paint brush to go over it one more time.  Lastly I sprayed a matte gloss finish over to seal it and you are done.  Really cute and fun 🙂

Third Grade Auction BenchThis was before I did the final coat of black paint over the quote…Yes I forgot to take a final picture 🙂  But I will tonight at the auction!