Third Grade Cranes Over Moon Chalk Pastel Project

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This project was inspired by Keichi Nishimura and fabulous Japanese artist 🙂  The fun thing about the chalk is that if the students blend too much they can go back and retrace their crane again.  Enjoy!

jacks cranes over moon pieceSkill Learned:

Blending with chalk.  Making movement in art and tracing skills are utilized.

Materials Needed:

  • 2 small crane cut outs to trace per student and glue onto piece at end
  • large moon cut out
  • Chalk pastels (I use the Sergent art set of 12 in class)
  • White and yellow tempera
  • Crane and moon cut outs
  • 18 X 24 taped watercolor paper
  • glue to adhere moon
  • iridescent sparkles for moon
  • black puffy paint or black sharpie for eyes

First talk to students about cranes and birds in general.  We are near the beach so we discussed how pelicans fly in V formation all going the same way etc.  This is so they think about how to lay out their bird pattern.  Then I have them trace 8 cranes (in the end they will have 10 total because they glue the Continue Reading »