First Grade Blue Dog Art Lesson


 first grade blue dog art lessonGot to do this project in my niece (Sammi) special ed class yesterday.  So much fun!  Loved those kids and a shout out to Ms. Lamay her teacher.  What a fabulous job she does with those students.   Thanks Auntie Debbi for setting it all up!  Hope you all get outside and enjoy nature this weekend 🙂

From New Iberia, Louisiana, George Rodrigue is known for his Blue-Dog series, inspired by his long-deceased childhood pet, Tiffany, whom he poses with other animals and people. He had early art talent, and ill for nearly a year, he used watercolors and crayons to pass the time and this activity set his future. He studied at the University of Southwestern Louisiana and in Los Angles at the Art Center College of Design. For a while he painted Abstract Expressionist works but then went back to painting that which reflected his own Cajun culture including folk tales and bayou and swamp landscapes.

Skills Learned:

  • Adding texture with tissue paper.
  • Wet on wet brush strokes.

Materials Needed:

  • Yellow, pink, blue and red tempera paint (black for face, gloss is optional for a shine)
  • Tissue paper
  • Large and small brushes
  • Silver sprinkles
  • Buttons for eyes
  • Head and nose cutouts of dog

Have students start by painting their background.  Explain how to divide the page bottom half into 2 quarters (right side yellow and left side pink and then top half is red).   Begin painting with the yellow tempera (telling them that the tissue will stick with a good base of paint) and then adhering yellow tissue paper and painting over it.  Do the same for pink and red.  Then add silver sprinkles and set aside.  Paint the blue dog body with blue paint (add the gloss if you want it shiny) next stick the nose template on and talk about how to paint it with black by doing a circular move at the end of the nose.  Finally have students use small brush to paint the whiskers, eyebrows and ears black (I talk about the ear shape being a triangle) to assist them.  Finally glue the eyes and body of the dog to the background and you are finished.