Another Good Vacation Read

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So every vacation I try and find a fun book to read. This vacation I got through Rob Lowes second book “Love Life.” I read his other book “Stories I Only Tell My Friends,” last year and it was also good. Rob Lowe is a great story teller and funny. I especially liked this book because he shared his experience with his eldest son leaving for college which was nice since my daughter is going to school in fall. I thought I would share with you all since I am always looking for fun, fast good reads. Start with his first one then do the second. Happy Saturday 🙂


Another Good Read-The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

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the happiness project by gretchen rubin

Just remembered what a great book this was 🙂  Gretchen now has another book (Happier at Home).  I just ordered and will tell you about it when I finish.  This book made me realize what great things I have in my life.  Also taught me to appreciate now and be present with what I am doing 🙂  Still working on that but I think this is a fabulous read for everyone young adults and old.  Just wanted to pass that along to all of you.  Gretchen also has a blog, happiness quote of the day and monthly newsletters.  Go to her site  to sign up.  Happy Monday!