More Holiday Wrapping

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OK I told you I had purchased these tin hearts and crosses from and I am a bit obsessed with them 🙂  I have used them for projects at school and for the auction.  But they are fabulous for packaging.  They also have stars and other shapes so have at it.  They come in large quantities and are rusty so you can paint them or use them as is.  Here are the pictures and the links 🙂  Happy wrapping!

cross wrap heart wrapI sprayed the cross with metallic silver spray paint that you can get at any hardware store.  The hearts come in white as well as rust.  I drilled holes with my drill and you are set.


Holiday Wrapping Ideas

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holiday wrapping IMG_5205One of my favorite parts of Christmas is wrapping presents 🙂  I know you must think I have some kind of warped mind but I really believe that the wrapping is almost as important as the present itself!  So I try to come up with different ideas each holiday.  Last year it was silver sand dollars this year its shells and sea stars.  I also have some tin hearts and crosses and maybe I can show you some of those next week.  I also got a cool stamp off one of my favorite sites  There are many folks who make custom stamps on etsy but I bought mine from Todd at love to create stamps –  I also buy paper in bulk rolls on amazon or discount school supply in fun colors.  You can also buy the twine in a convenient container that has a top to pull it out of which is awesome (  You just need a drill to put a hole in the shell and sea stars and you are set.  Happy wrapping 🙂