Kindergarten Valentines Project-Warm and Cool Hearts

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My favorite holiday is coming up in February…yes Valentines Day 🙂  The month when we get to paint all things with hearts!  This week and next I will try and gather all my Valentine lessons and share with you.  Here is the Kindergarten one I did last year.  We had fun learning about warm and cool colors.  Hope you all have a fabulous Saturday!

Skills Learned:

  • Warm and Cool Colors
  • Dividing background and shapes

Materials Used:

  • Black oil pastel
  • Heart cut outs
  • 18 x 24 taped watercolor paper
  • Large brushes
  • 4 cool color tempera and 4 warm colored tempera paints

(you can use light and dark green to add more color choices)

warmcoolhearts2 warmcoolhearts3

Start by discussing Valentines Day and the shape of a heart. Then talk about your color wheel discussing the warm colors and how they feel hot like fire and the cool colors being cold like the ocean. Next have students use the oil pastel to divide their background into 4 different areas. Use the board or a sample to show them how many possibilities there are. Next have them paint the cool color in each of the 4 areas. Set aside and work on the heart. Divide the heart into 4 areas and paint the warm colors light to dark wiping your brush in between each color. Glue heart onto background and you are set 🙂

Kindergarten Vintage Book Dogs

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johnny vintage book dog

Kindergarten Vintage Book Dogs

Materials Needed:

  • Large format old book pages
  • Templates for dogs (head, ears and neck)
  • Decide which kind of dog you want to make

(I did a Dalmatian, poodle, golden retriever and jack russell)

  • Black construction paper cut in strips to make border
  • Discount School Supply 12 x 18 watercolor paper