Kindergarten Vintage Book Dogs

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johnny vintage book dog

Kindergarten Vintage Book Dogs

Materials Needed:

  • Large format old book pages
  • Templates for dogs (head, ears and neck)
  • Decide which kind of dog you want to make

(I did a Dalmatian, poodle, golden retriever and jack russell)

  • Black construction paper cut in strips to make border
  • Discount School Supply 12 x 18 watercolor paper

First Grade Giraffes

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First grade oil pastel and watercolor giraffes

Drawing and sketching animals.

Materials Used:

  • Pencils and erasers to do sketching
  • Oil pastels
  • Blue watercolor and white tempera paint
  • Black oversize construction paper 22 x 24 cut to make a frame around watercolor paper
  • Water color paper 18 x 24 cut in half long ways and trimmed so it fits inside black construction paper *see sample

First start by talking about giraffes and discuss colors and spots. Also a fun fact is that their horns on top of their head are called “ossicones.” So have some fun with that! Continue Reading »

Ah the joys of summer for a teacher…7th grade art lesson on abstract painting on wood with acrylic

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imageWell sorry I am just getting to this but school and the kids took up a lot of time this year 🙂  I will promise to add at least one art lesson a week this year.  It might be my last year teaching so I want to make sure I share as much as I can with all you art teachers out there.  Just got done with my first ever art show and first friday in downtown Santa Cruz.  Very fun!  Thanks to all my family and friends that helped make it happen.  Jenna (L’Atelier Salon) owner is awesome.  Here are a few things I showed as well as directions for the the 7th grade lesson I teach for painting with acrylic on wood.

Let me know how it goes and happy summer! Continue Reading »