30th Reunion Day Outfit Continued

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reunion outfitI know I have spent way too much time on this 🙂  I purchased and tried on more dresses than I should have.  And my wonderful husband says just wear the same Besty Johnson black dress that I have had for years.  That is why I love my husband always has a simple solution.  I might go still to the over price shop in Capitola (they have wonderful things but pricey) and see what they have.  But the pic best describes what I would like to wear (minus Trevor my golden whose only desire is to go for a walk and fetch balls).  Not sexy but comfortable.  I told my friend Mary I wanted to wear something warm and comfortable and she said I sounded old 🙂  Anyhow it will be fun to catch up with friends that had a big impact on who I was in college and even now.  Thanks for listening and I will post yummy crock pot ham hocks and beans recipe tomorrow.

PS-wish Susie were here 🙂