Valentines Day Art Projects

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I have been so busy getting lesson plans printed out for our accreditation that I have not had time to do much blogging.  But I went crazy today painting because of my joy that jury duty has been delayed till Monday night 🙂  At least I get to still teach the kindergarten Valentines lesson on Monday!  So below are three projects I adapted from photos and pictures on Pinterest.  Thanks to all of you loyal pinterest teachers and artists for posting Valentine ideas.  And Happy Hearts Month!

acrylic brush stroke heart Acrylic Brush Stroke Heart

Skills Learned:

Sketching and using a brush stroke to create images.

Materials Used:

  • 18 x 24 taped watercolor paper
  • pencil and eraser
  • acrylic paint
  • small and medium brushes

This was easy and fun.  First I started with sketching very lightly my large heart on the paper.  Then I began painting it with the light orange color in brush strokes.  Next I mixed the dark blue solid-looking color on the top and brushing that towards the heart.  The fun part is that if it goes into the heart it looks more natural.  Next I did the blue on the bottom that is mix of lights and dark colors to look like water.  Once I covered it entirely I went back and brush stroked in blues, whites and yellow into the heart.  Be careful the yellow sometimes caught the blue and made green which I covered with blue again.  That is it 🙂


watercolor heartsWatercolor and oil pastel hearts

Skills Learned:

Sketching and blending with oil pastel and layering watercolor.

Materials Used:

  • 18 x 24 taped watercolor paper
  • pencil and eraser
  • Black oil pastel
  • black, red, turquoise and blue watercolor
  • water to lighten blue watercolor

I started by sketching my balloon hearts lightly with a pencil and eraser.  Next I traced over the hearts making them nice and think with the black oil pastel.  I then blended the oil pastel to make it smooth.  I also used some black oil pastel in the corners and sides to add a nice finished look.  Next I started painting the turquoise watercolor on top of piece and around the hearts.  I then started with the blue and mixed the brush with water to make it lighter in the middle.  Finally the last part of the paper I used solid blue.  I took water and went back over parts where I wanted to add salt and then sprinkled being sure it was wet enough to hold the salt.  Then I began painting the hearts with the red watercolor going over them several times to make them nice and red.  If you go out of the lines it seems to be nice and add dimension to the project.  The last part is dripping and dropping black watercolor around the edges but be careful to make sure you are dripping it on dry areas otherwise it will go into hearts and background.  And that is it.

tissue and powder tempera heartTissue Paper and Powdered Tempera Heart

Skills Learned:

Shadows, adding texture and depth to painting.

Materials Used:

  • Turquoise tempera
  • white tissue paper
  • 18 x 18 taped watercolor paper
  • red powdered tempera paint
  • black acrylic paint
  • pencil and extra paper for template
  • scissors
  • large and small brush

I began by painting the background with the turquoise paint so I had a good base for the tissue paper.  Next I scrunched the tissue paper so that it fit inside the window.  Next I put more turquoise paint on top and used the brush to paint the tissue down gently so it does not rip.  Then I set aside and used the extra paper (I used watercolor) to cut out my heart to fit in middle of background.  Then I cut it out and placed it on top of the wet background gently.  I then took a small flat brush and the black acrylic and traced around my heart to leave an outline on the tissue and paint background.  Then I removed the heart gently so I did not rip tissue or pull it up.  Then I made my black outline thicker and with shadows that I wanted.  Next I used the red powder tempered and carefully spread onto the inside of the heart where I wanted it.  Be careful not to get it outside and don’t worry if it gets on your black you can paint over it.  I also shook off extra red powder tempera over trash can by turning over so none would get on any other areas.  I then took black small brush and fixed any areas that had red powder paint on it.  Lastly I took the small black brush and painted a square to frame my heart.  Then you are finished 🙂